How to Complete a Personal Narrative Essay

In most of the cases, an assignment to write a personal narrative essay is quite challenging and students don’t know where to start. It is quite complicated, because you not only need to reveal your inner self but also remain honest and possess good writing skills.


Remember that your narrative essay should always be written in a first person, using the past tense. Make yourself comfortable and continue reading to learn everything about a narrative essay!

how to write a narrative essay about yourself

Choosing a topic

When writing a narrative essay, you will need to describe and analyze a certain story from your personal experience. That is why it won’t be possible to use outside information or a research to decide which topic is the most suitable.

Your story should be creative, interesting, simple and stirring up various emotions. That is why the best topic for a narrative essay is the one, which has dynamics, emotions and personal approach. Just take some time and think of the things you want to share with the world. You will definitely have an outstanding experience to share!


Remain simple

Many students are tempted to use complicated words and a huge vocabulary, not knowing that readers easily loose interest to such an essay. That is why it is better to use simple ideas, like starting with a quote or limiting the size of your sentences.

Your vocabulary should be understandable and your language – readable. Don’t neglect the structure of your essay and it will definitely pay you back with great reviews and interest of the audience!


Your story should match the task

When you need to write a narrative essay, you start remembering tens of situations and stories you want to share with the world. However, it is important to choose a story, which will correspond with your assignment.

Listen carefully to your tutor’s recommendations and select a topic, which gives answers to certain questions. For example:


  •  How the situation helped you to change?
  •  How did you overcome such a situation?
  •  What did you learn from your mistakes?


Every story provides a lesson and you are always welcome to share this lesson with the audience!


Pay attention to details

It is not enough to choose a story you want to share, as you also need to pay enough attention to its plot and structure. If you want to make your story smooth and interesting, try to answer following questions:


  •  Where did your story start and where did it end?
  •  What are the most important elements or characters of your story?
  •  Who or what had an impact on the story?
  •  What details you want to include to your text?


We have also created a list of useful tips you may need, when completing a narrative essay:


  •  Always stick to the point and never forget about the main aim of your story;
  •  Follow a proper structure: your essay should have a beginning, a climax and conclusions;
  •  Add emotions and colors to your text to engage the reader;
  •  Make conclusions and mark the lessons you have learned;
  •  Try to make your story short, not missing important details;
  •  Your story shouldn’t be too formal if else is not indicated by your tutor;
  •  It is useful to have both a protagonist and an antagonist in your text.


Always revise your texts

Many students neglect this important step, thinking that mistakes, both grammar and lexical ones, are not important and tutors will only evaluate the plot itself. However, such mistakes can greatly lower your grades, so you need to revise your text multiple times before the delivery.

Make sure you have stated your story loud and clear, and provided every paragraph in an understandable manner. Every section should be readable and smooth, using academic language.

In addition, you should also check your punctuation to make sure your sentences are understandable.

Following all these tips will guarantee a great result and you will be able to provide an outstanding narrative essay for a minimum time!


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