The Most Complete Classification Essay Guideline

If you are not an expert in statistics and don’t find it simple to research information, analyze it and break into various categories, you will surely find classification essays quite a challenging task.


Regular students don’t face such essays on a daily basis, so when they are assigned with a classification essay they are usually scared and nervous, not even knowing what the task is about. Below you will find all the necessary answers to be able to complete the task on your own.


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The Most Complete Classification Essay Guideline


How to Create a Classification Essay?


Most of the students don’t know what this task means, so first, it is important to get familiar with its definition. This is an assignment the main purpose of which is to categorize characters, points or subjects, which have similar features. Both high school and college students have to write such essays from time to time, so you will most likely have to deal with it.


To get a clearer picture of the task, here is a simple example: goods that we order online are categorized into ‘incoming’, ‘processed’, ‘completed’ and ‘delivered’.


In the following sections you will learn how to write a classification essay with ease.


Working on a Classification Essay Outline


In case you don’t know where to begin, you should always start with an outline. First, decide what the title of your future work will be and then proceed with the structure of content and methodology. It is crucial for the overall success, because proper structure makes it simpler to understand your message.


Write down the main ideas on a separate piece of paper, as it will give you a clearer image of how to break the text into required parts and to organize them logically. Delete useless parts and rate the rest depending on chronology or significance. Good advice is to number every part, which will help you to work on different sections depending on your mood and inspiration.


Common outline of a classification essay:


  1. Introduction;
  2. First category;
  3. Second category;
  4. Third category;
  5. Conclusion.


Once your outline is ready, it is the right time to work on your classification essay introduction.



Introductory Section and Thesis Statement


You should start your essay with a clear explanation of what you are going to categorize, what your reasons are and what you are willing to achieve as a result. A good idea will be to insert a hook in the beginning, which may contain:



Every student knows that the key part of any introduction is the thesis statement. It can be considered a foundation of an essay, so a powerful and persuasive thesis can make the reader realize important parts, agree with your ideas, as well as hold the attention of the audience.


As for classification essay, thesis defines methodology you are willing to test. Indicate your expectations and forecasts, which should be supported along the text. You can also identify classes and give their brief explanation.


Remember, your thesis statement should close introduction and open the conclusion.


Conclusion of a Classification Essay


Conclusion is the final part of your essay, where you put together all the analyzed and tested classes. Make sure you summarize and briefly describe each category. Think whether a certain category stands out from the rest and can be recommended to the reader.


You should also paraphrase your thesis statement without introducing any new details and facts.


Body Paragraphs Structure and Transition Words


The main paragraphs of your work contain key information about categories you decide to highlight. That is why it is important to stick to a common structure and choose proper transition words in order to create an outstanding essay.


Every paragraph should consist of:


  • Criteria explanation;
  • Discussing all of the strengths and weaknesses;
  • Practical examples in order to describe a certain category.


When it comes to transition words, you just need to print out a list of the most common ones. There are plenty of them in English, you’ll easily find the most suitable ones depending on your goals and text style. Here are only some of them: to demonstrate, in fact, in the background, with attention to, etc.


25 Interesting Topics for Your Classification Essay


Our experts have made a list of topics to boost your imagination if you lack ideas. Just choose a category you are interested in and select a topic or invent that appeals to you!


Sports Topics


  1. Female athletes in the Olympic Games;
  2. Sports industry analysis;
  3. How sports sponsorship works;
  4. Gambling in sports;
  5. Ethics in sports.


Cinematography Topics


  1. Novel-based films;
  2. Popular TV shows in Europe;
  3. The most famous actresses in France;
  4. Categorization of modern movies;
  5. Genres of the 20th century movies.


Nutrition Topics


  1. The best exercises to remain slim;
  2. Best food supermarkets in the UK;
  3. Industry of ecological products;
  4. Most harmful drinks;
  5. The best ideas for breakfast.


Topics About Animals


  1. Domestic animals;
  2. Classification of mammals;
  3. The most dangerous species;
  4. Rare animals, living in Asia;
  5. Endangered European species.


Music Topics


  1. French music;
  2. Popular British singers;
  3. Rock legends;
  4. Morality in modern music;
  5. Different music genres in the 21 th


Examples of Classification Essays


This type of assignments is often given by literature tutors, so most of the students won’t do it without tips or samples of writing on one of the familiar topics.


If you are to categorize works of certain authors, you need to divide them into following categories:


  • A drama paragraph;
  • A poetry paragraph;
  • A nonfiction paragraph;
  • A prose paragraph.


When you have completed the assignment, don’t forget to check it thoroughly. Reread your essay multiple times until you are sure it contains no mistakes. If English grammar and lexis is not your strongest side, we are ready to offer editing and proofreading services. Professional linguists and editors will fix even the smallest mistakes and polish your work.


Now you are ready to create an outstanding classification essay. Just start writing the first line and you will see there is nothing difficult. Especially if you contact our experts!


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