Topics For A Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are probably one of the simplest types of essays not depending on whether you are in high school or college. They give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of topics, including your own experience, memorable situations, role models or even fictional stories.


Best Ideas for Narrative Essay


It is crucial to choose a unique and interesting topic to engage the reader, render your personality and writing skills. There are multiple ideas on various websites but none of them can compete with the list below!

Before deciding what to write about, we strongly recommend you to get familiar with essays samples, which will inspire you and motivate to work. When the topic is selected, make sure you devote enough time to researching the information and providing a 100% original content.

Never copy online examples, as it may cost you a grade or even your academic success. It is better to cite every source and show how competent you are. Try to focus on the discussed subject and guide the audience through your own memories and stories.

If you give yourself the freedom to put all of your thoughts on paper, you will surely write an amazing story.


Why a narrative essay topic is so important?

When you are given a task to write an essay, you usually have a chance to decide whether to accept the topic, given by your tutor or to come up with your own.  There shouldn’t be any rush, because the success of the essay greatly depends on the topic you select. If you still don’t know how to do it yourself, just turn to professional writing services!

You need to choose a topic, which is relevant to the audience, has plenty of information online and is able to light your inner fire.

Narrative essay is probably the only academic genre, where you can show your creativity and imagination to the maximum. When working on such an essay, you can omit a strict structure and other guidelines. That’s why the narrative essay is definitely the most popular and liked genre among students.

However, being able to choose the topic on your own becomes very challenging for a writer. When you get a chance to write about anything you want, you can experience a lack of ideas.

That is why many students stick to the first idea, which comes to their mind but the result is usually very poor. Remember, the topic should make you feel emotional and be equally interesting for the reader.

To boost your imagination and help to make a choice, we have made a list of outstanding topic ideas, organized in subcategories for your maximum convenience.


Experience topics

The main aim of a narrative essay lies in teaching you to tell about experiences and thoughts in a literary way. To be able to write a great essay you need to think about all the experiences of your own life, including positive and negative examples. Try to provide the reader with vivid pictures and bright details in order to grab their attention.

Topics on your experiences include:

  • What was the most embarrassing situation in your life?
  • What experience made you scared?
  • Experience, which showed your life values;
  • Experience, which taught to appreciate what you have;
  • Experience, which helped you to beat cowardice;
  • Unpleasant situation you had to face;
  • Situation, which taught you to value life;
  • Unforgettable days with your relatives;
  • Tell the story of your success in facts;
  • Experience of traveling on your own.



Childhood is a unique period, when every day you learn something new, get new experiences and impressions. Children are sincere and naive, so very often they are involved in funny or even ridiculous situations.

Every person has interesting stories from childhood years and they are unique, having no similarities with stories of others. That is why choosing such a topic you will get the attention of the audience and create a solid foundation for the future essay.

  • A time, when you were hurt in the park. What happened?
  • What situation helped you to grow up?
  • What was the most remarkable birthday party? What made it that way?
  • Whom you wanted to be when you were a child?
  • Your favorite childhood game. Why?
  • Situation, when you got hurt, when playing outdoors;
  • What you miss the most about childhood?
  • The most valuable thing from your childhood;
  • Did you love crafting anything, when you were a child?
  • Who were your favorite fairytale and cartoon characters?


School years

School period is very important because it is a transition time between being a child and becoming an adult. We learn lots of skills, acquire knowledge and learn how to communicate. These years are filled with challenges, which improve our personality and shape our future selves. The problems you have to face and challenges you have to solve are unique, so writing about them in your narrative essay is surely an original way to be heard.

  • Your favorite school subject. Why?
  • Examples, when a teacher became your role model;
  • The first time, when you participated in a school event;
  • The most awful thing that happened to you in class;
  • Would you like to be friends with a particular teacher? Why?
  • Your favorite elementary school subject;
  • A teacher from your kindergarten or school that you are friends with;
  • Influence of your school friends on your life;
  • Did some teachers influence your personality?



People are social creatures, so it is impossible to imagine our lives without interacting with others. We all have memories of our parents, friends and the people we love. That is why your story is always private, soul-touching and unique.

Such topics are always a great source of good ideas for a narrative essay.

  • The person, who you fear losing the most;
  • Do you have any loyal friends? Tell about them;
  • A breakup with a friend you have ever experienced;
  • Who you are most afraid of?
  • A situation, when you were rejected;
  • A misunderstanding with a person you love;
  • The most serious argument you have had with parents;
  • Have you ever been in love? How did it feel?
  • Impact of love on your personality.


Topics on morality

Every country has its own laws, which regulate the everyday lives of its citizens. However, there are more universal laws that have no borders and concern morality and ethics.

Morality has lots of unsolved questions and the solution usually contains different opinions. For example, to do something and meet ethics norms or to do something opposite and violate those rules.

That is what makes morality topics so interesting and helps to stir arguments and discussions in the class.

  • The most difficult choice you had to make;
  • The time, when you rebelled against the society;
  • What ethics issues bother you the most?
  • An example of being a coward;
  • What is your personal ethical challenge?
  • Have you told much lies?
  • How do you usually treat unknown people?
  • Do you have a habit of eavesdropping?


Interests and hobbies

Interests make up a huge part of our lives and determine the way we create things. This sphere includes our hobbies and all the events we participate in. If you decide to write an essay on your interests, try to think of the things you like doing, what music you prefer and the ways how you usually spend your free time.

It is a topic, which is able to render your passion and show the audience the things, which you care about.

  • The most impressive movie you have ever seen;
  • A song, which always touches you;
  • What talent do you want to possess and why?
  • Is there a book character that you associate yourself with?
  • If you were a movie director, what film would you shoot?
  • When was the time you realized you had a talent?
  • What movie character you would be?
  • TV celebrities you want to have dinner with;
  • Are you good at sports? What activities do you like the most?



Every country, city, street or brick in the wall has its own story. When you are traveling, every stage is full of emotions and impressions. It doesn’t matter how often your classmates go to the mountains or to the beach.

Your journey is unique because you see everything with your own eyes. So why don’t you share that experience with the audience?

  • Your first impression from the countryside/ a big city?
  • How you like to travel most of all?
  • Things you always take with you on a journey;
  • If you had enough money, where would you travel to?
  • A perfect vacation spot;
  • Do you have friends from abroad?
  • Tell about a negative experience from your traveling;
  • If you had a chance to go to a school camp once again, would you change anything?
  • A journey you liked most of all.


College life

College is completely different from school. It is filled with adventures and makes us one step closer to adult life. We meet lots of new people, learn new subjects and dive into the world of independence. Isn’t it a great foundation for outstanding topics?

Write about the things, which happened to you in college or about the teachers, who always impress you. College years are by right considered the best in our lives, so don’t waste such an opportunity and share your stories with the world!

  • The most difficult exam you had to take;
  • The most impressive lecture you have ever had;
  • Your first day at a dorm;
  • The most remarkable party you have ever attended;
  • What made you desperate during the college years?
  • Do you befriend with foreign students?
  • Tell about your college social life.


Imagine if

There is a particular kind of narrative essays, which starts with ‘imagine if’. Such topics usually give you a chance to create a story, which may be possible in the future. It is definitely one of the most simple and interesting types of essays because give students a chance to make up any story they want, giving freedom to imagination and creativity.

  • Imagine if you invented the time machine. Where would you go to?
  • Imagine if you could become an animal. Which one would you choose and why?
  • Imagine if you originated from a different country. Which one would it be and why?
  • Imagine if you had millions of dollars. How would you spend them?
  • Imagine if you were a character from a comic book. What power would you choose and why?


New and remarkable topics for a narrative essay

Choosing a topic is always a real challenge. That is why our experts have examined the most popular categories and came up with a list of subjects that will surely inspire you. They will make it much easier to choose what to write about and to stand out from the rest!

  • What would you do if you won 10 million dollars in a lottery;
  • A thing you would want to change in your life;
  • Your first job;
  • What would you do if you could turn back the time;
  • The most awful thing you have ever seen in your life;
  • The worst experience of your life;
  • When was the first time you faced fear;
  • Everyday issues, which bother you the most;
  • Your best accomplishments;
  • What do you find annoying about your own personality?
  • Family hobbies, which you like;
  • What makes you different from others;
  • Do your teachers give you the freedom to express yourself?
  • Are you into a healthy lifestyle?
  • Lessons you have learned from sadness;
  • Do you spend much time alone?
  • Are you good at time management?
  • Have you ever faced the police?


Useful tips

Once you have found the most suitable topic for your narrative essay, you need to proceed with learning your professor’s recommendations. In addition, you should get familiar with the best tips on how to make your essay flawless:

  • Concentrate on specific details, which help to cover the topic. Try not to mention irrelevant information;
  • Never embellish facts. The audience always values sincerity, so try to concentrate on your experience and not on lies;
  • Use transition words to connect various ideas, making the text readable and coherent;
  • Don’t forget about the conclusion. It doesn’t matter what the structure of your essay is, there should always be a summary of everything you have discussed;
  • Make sure you like what you have written. If you don’t like the text yourself, no one will be interested in reading it;
  • Stick to the required format and try not to overload readers with excessive data;
  • Use various stylistic instruments and the first person to show how creative you are;
  • Pay careful attention to the professor’s instructions. Even though narrative essays are quite flexible, there are still patterns that should be followed.
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