What Is an Essay on Religion?

It is impossible to find a person, who doesn’t like to discuss religion and all the aspects this controversial issue can arise. Religion has existed since the appearance of the humanity and it is more than intriguing to try to find out the origin of all the miracles around us.


You can be assigned to write such a topic if you study such subjects as sociology, philosophy or religion itself. That is why you not only need to be interested in the topic but have additional knowledge on various subjects.



essay on religion


An essay is usually a short paper, which reflects your views on the subject and gives the reader information on your thoughts, backed with credible facts and arguments. It is not a research paper, so you should try to avoid complex sentences, additional data and sources that are not trustworthy.


In the modern world, essays on religion are quite a popular topic, as they can reveal your knowledge of the subject, ability to collect necessary information and use writing skills to remain objective, without hurting someone’s feelings. Writing an essay on religion is a pure art and requires a serious approach. However, it can become quite a challenging and interesting task if you devote your time and energy to it. So make yourself comfortable, follow our guidelines and your essay will surely be a success.




The structure, every religion essay should have


– Every essay always starts with an introduction section and the one on religion is not an exception. To make it as informative as possible, provide engaging and interesting arguments to stir interest of the reader. You can also add background data to make this paragraph as informative as possible;


– Second part is the body paragraphs, where you reveal the whole topic and state your main arguments. The main advice here is to mark three to five ideas or issues inside the religion topic and write about them, starting with the weakest and finishing with the most powerful one. In such a way, you will keep the readers’ interest to the end of the paper and they will be even more intrigued;


–  The conclusion section is often considered one of the most important parts, as sometimes readers don’t want to go through the whole essay and simply go straight to the conclusions. That is why you need to collect energy and provide the main thoughts on the topic. It should make predictions and somehow influence the future of the subject, so that the reader might have something to think of. The conclusion paragraph is usually the same size, as the introductory one.



write an essay on religion


Things to remember


One of the best tips you may learn, when completing an essay is that you need to focus on one question or matter and try to cover it to the fullest. It is impossible to read an essay, which tries to unite multiple issues at the same time. Such approach may easily bore the reader and you will surely lose his interest.


Always back your thoughts with credible sources and arguments, as your professor will never accept a paper that doesn’t have an academic background. In addition, stick to proper language usage, avoiding common mistakes. Proofreading and editing is a useful tool, so don’t neglect it.


It may be useful to ask someone to read the paper and give a side-glance to make sure that your language is smooth and clear, and the topic itself is controversial but not offensive.


Possible topics


  1. Buddhist influence on the ‘slow life’ concept;
  2. Gender issues in Christianity;
  3. Can atheism be called a religion?


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