Topic Ideas for Your Proposal Essay

The main goal of proposal essays is to propose a certain idea and back it with solid arguments in order to persuade the audience whether the chosen idea is bad or good. Imagine yourself being a salesperson. Your main goal is to persuade the customer why he or she should buy jewelry, a painting or any other item. In such example, the item is your idea, and the buyer is your audience.

If it is your first time working on a proposal essay, you may feel nervous. However, if you choose a proper topic and follow the guidelines of real experts, you will be able to complete the task with ease. Below you will find all the necessary instruments to create a flawless proposal essay!


Proposal essay ideas


Content of a proposal essay

Every assignment has a particular outline, a number of elements and paragraphs it should contain. A proposal essay is not an exception and should include the following elements:

  • The first part of your essay should provide the reader with background data and the most important details, which you want to let the audience know before getting started. Your introduction should be attention-grabbing and encourage the audience to read further. Don’t forget that the last sentence of this paragraph should contain a thesis statement;
  • Statement of purpose. This short section aims to inform the audience on your proposal. That is the idea you want readers to accept. Don’t include any details, which you are going to discuss in the rest of the paper;
  • Action plan. In this section you need to explain in what ways you are planning to achieve your proposal. What makes it valid? In this section you must persuade the audience to accept your ideas. Devote a separate paragraph for every evidence or argument;
  • In the final section of your essay make a summary of the main points and add a call-to-action if it is appropriate. Never include new details, as there is no place for additional facts in a conclusion.


Proposal essay writing tips

  • Conduct thorough research to collect as many facts as possible;
  • Every claim and idea should be backed with evidence;
  • Sources you use should be reliable, so never use websites and posts, which are not credible;
  • Cite every source properly not to be accused of plagiarism;
  • Show how good your vocabulary is and try not to overuse certain words and phrases;
  • Stay away from informal speech and slang;
  • Instead of discussing multiple various ideas, choose maximum five and provide the reader with their detailed description.

However, what a student should do, when he has all the freedom of choosing the topic independently? First, never panic and read a list of outstanding ideas Tutoriage writing website has in store!


100 topics for your proposal essay

We guarantee that proposal essay writing is much simpler than it seems even if your teacher is trying to scare you. If you choose a good topic and conduct thorough research, you will surely succeed. We have collected outstanding topics and divided them into categories for your convenience. So just choose the one you like the most and get started!


Education is one of the most popular and controversial subjects, which has lots of conflicts to discuss. Some people want more freedom to students, others demand more respect for teachers. Just pick the most suitable topic and choose which side you are on!

  1. Is it possible to get additional funding or airtime for science shows on TV?
  2. How learning foreign languages contributes to our education?
  3. What are the most effective ways to improve reading comprehension among students?
  4. Should sex education classes be given in every school?
  5. How should teachers influence bullying in classes?
  6. Ways to improve courses in foreign languages;
  7. Grading of students at schools;
  8. Most of the famous inventors were misbehaving at schools. Should teachers give their students more freedom to learn from their own mistakes?
  9. How can the modern grading system be fixed and improved?
  10. How teachers, parents and society encourage children to study science?


With years a common phrase ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’ becomes more and more important because we tend to eat junk food, try alcohol or smoking earlier and neglect sports. That is why writing about health issues can be a great choice.

  1. How can childhood obesity be reduced?
  2. What should parents do to help their children lead a healthy lifestyle?
  3. How can smoking among teenagers be reduced?
  4. How can every citizen get free health care?
  5. How to persuade children not to try drugs?
  6. Should antidepressants be banned? Can they lead to suicides?
  7. What steps should be done towards increasing healthcare funding?
  8. The best measures for preventing drunk driving deaths;
  9. Babies, born from in-vitro fertilization have higher risks of birth malformations. Isn’t it better to adopt children?
  10. How to get funding for cancer researches?

Students’ lifestyle

Such topics are the most simple to write about since you are a student and know the situation from the inside. You can even share your personal experience or choose topics, which will be relevant to your surrounding.

  1. How can parents help their children to deal with bullying?
  2. Should children of divorced parents have sessions with psychologists in order to build a happy life and marriage, succeed in school and relationships?
  3. How parents can encourage children to find hobbies and new interests?
  4. How can we reduce alcohol consumption among children?
  5. How high school curriculum can be improved?
  6. Is it possible to protect students from pressure?
  7. How to make children responsible?
  8. Are there any effective ways to make children disciplined?
  9. Is it possible to create a healthy environment in class, which will give children enough freedom and will still teach them authority?
  10. The simplest way to get parents involved in their child’s education.


Environmental issues are very popular at the moment and every person has an opinion about global warming, fossil fuels and other important issues. When choosing such a topic, you can get lots of information from credible sources and create a well-structured essay.

  1. How can obsolete lifestyle be changed?
  2. Is being vegan the only way for protecting animals?
  3. What every individual can do to help save the planet?
  4. Is there a way to prevent teenage pregnancies?
  5. Should every country promote bicycle usage inside the cities?
  6. How plastic bags problem can be solved?
  7. What are the best ways to create effective dog bite laws? Should particular breeds be banned or there should be more training courses for owners?
  8. Why vegans can’t be respectful towards opinion and lifestyle of others, while they demand respect to their own choices?
  9. Should there be sex education courses in every school in order to reduce teenage pregnancy rates?
  10. How can we contribute to saving rainforests?


Internet and technologies have a great impact on our generation. That is why topics on technologies are very wide and interesting, giving students complete freedom of choices.

  1. Is it possible to reduce technology dependence individually?
  2. Should every child be taught how to use the Internet responsibly?
  3. Ways of protecting personal information from thefts online;
  4. Cost-effectiveness of wireless technologies;
  5. Is it useful to use modern technologies in libraries?
  6. Ways to prevent cyber crimes;
  7. Is it possible to stop bullying online?
  8. Are there ways of keeping sensitive data in a secure way?
  9. Are teachers dependent on technologies?
  10. Can technology be harmful to the society?


Sport is closely related to health issues and makes up a big part of modern society. Controversial issues, dramas and news make sports a great topic to discuss in your proposal essay.

  1. Should college sportsmen get paid? Is it possible for a college to manage education, sports and business wisely?
  2. What is the best encouragement for new athletes?
  3. How should players and coaches talk to journalists after losing an important game?
  4. Is it better to legalize steroids instead of prohibiting them?
  5. Should media give better coverage of sports? If yes, what kinds of sports should be broadcasted more often?
  6. Should players be prepared for possible future injuries or even inability to participate?
  7. Why hunting should be prohibited?
  8. Is it necessary to ban extreme kinds of sports?
  9. Should cyber sportsmen be considered real athletes?
  10. Benefits of regular sports and exercises to teenagers. How various kinds of activity (running, swimming, weightlifting) influence our mood?


Culture is a very broad topic, which may include such controversial issues as racism, discrimination, tolerance and bullying. That is why when choosing culture as your proposal essay topic, you need to be very attentive and careful not to harm someone’s feelings.

  1. What are traditional family values;
  2. How to make sure your children treat others in a respectful manner;
  3. How the government should help minorities lead a regular lifestyle in areas, where they are discriminated?
  4. How every citizen can contribute to a tolerant attitude in the US society;
  5. Is there something to be done with the absence of morality in social media?
  6. How to improve bad behavior of children;
  7. Why morality is considered a flaw, while bad attitude is widely celebrated?
  8. What are the best ways to raise a responsible, well-behaved and kind child?


Business rules the world, creating wrong expectations and adding lots of issues to our everyday life. Even without knowing we become a part of the business world whether we are owning a shop or make purchases in a store nearby.

  1. Should bankruptcy become an option?
  2. What measures should be taken to protect smaller enterprises from various economic problems?
  3. How trust to the business society can be cultivated?
  4. Is it possible to support local businesses and protect them from corporations?
  5. Should every customer be able to report the wrong treatment and lies of companies?
  6. Is there a way to eliminate unemployment?
  7. When should parents start teaching their children about money?
  8. How to encourage professional teachers not to leave their occupation?
  9. How youth can find an occupation of their dreams?
  10. Should employers have a right to check private emails at work?


Every student has a personal view of various historical events, which is worth sharing! Even the most boring historical issue can become a bright story with a proper approach.

  1. Division of gender responsibilities in ancient Rome;
  2. Impact of female leaders on the world’s history;
  3. Main interests of the Paleolithic society;
  4. What are the most important events, which shaped the modern world?
  5. How would the world change if the winner of the WW II was the opposite side?
  6. Influence of slavery abolition on the modern US;
  7. Influence of hippie movement on the promotion of drug usage;
  8. What caused the Roman Empire fall;
  9. Influence of Karl Marx on society;
  10. Impact of communism on modern Russia.


Considering the country of your residence, you can choose topics, which cause interest of the society. You can write about the improvement of the political situation, promoting new ideas and approaches.

  1. How to prevent future economic crises?
  2. Ways to make an effective electoral system;
  3. Is it possible to protect elections from outside interference?
  4. How to lower the national debt?
  5. Are we a nation of credits and debts? What can be done about it?
  6. Should prisoners have a right to vote or only those, who are on probation?
  7. How to improve the living conditions of veterans;
  8. Ways how espionage laws violate freedom of speech;
  9. Is it possible to regulate illegal immigration?
  10. Ways of improving social and medical programs.

Music and art

For those of students, who don’t like controversial or difficult topics, there is always a chance to write about music and art. Such issues are always interesting to write about and you have the freedom to share your own story with the audience.

  1. Should governments support new artists and musicians?
  2. Benefits of individualism for modern society;
  3. What musicians and artists had the biggest impact on your personality?
  4. What is your favorite painting? Why?
  5. Fashion trends of the 21st century;
  6. Impact of British singers on the modern US market;
  7. What is the New Wave movement?
  8. Peculiarities of culture after the end of the WW II;
  9. Evolution of music for the past ten years;
  10. Can rap be considered music?


Closing thoughts

When you are working on a proposal essay, your main goal is to provide several ideas on a chosen topic and to convince the audience to accept them. Consider yourself a salesperson, who needs to convince someone to purchase a certain item.

Use ideas mentioned above and you will never experience any troubles. Once your essay is ready, make sure you check it line by line and eliminate all the mistakes to make your text readable, interesting and flawless!

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