Informative Writing

The aim of an essay is to inform the reader about something. By your writing, you convey some information from you to other people, as a rule, to your professor, colleagues, or classmates. Even if you work on the personal essay, you convey some information which has to be clear and accurate.


How to receive the best grades on your informational writing assignment?


Following the conventions is your first task, while it shows your respect to your reader. You should adhere to your structure, formatting, and standards.  Your title has to tell the reader exactly what your essay is about. Beware that your essay has to stand out from the others!


Informative Writing


When coming to structure, you have to be especially careful, while you have to adhere to the structure of sentences, the structure of paragraphs, and the structure of the essay itself. Sometimes, when it comes to the thesis, you have to mind off the structure of certain sections.


Structure of sentences


If you want to let your reader know about something, you have to deliver the information in an explicit and understandable way. Lots of students worry about their style. However, what exactly a writing style is? In fact, it is the way of controlling the description of ideas and information in your writing.


Your aim is to make the length of sentences different. Readers get a good impression when they read from two to four short sentences and then a long one. So, try to alternate between your sentences.


Think well on the word choices, because your vocabulary has to fit the topic. Avoid repeating or overusing expressions and words. Remember that clarity is your goal.


Structure of paragraphs


A paragraph is a group of sentences separated from other sentences. All these sentences in a paragraph are about a particular thing, so it is necessary to define the topic sentence of the paragraph. As a rule, it is the first, sometimes the second sentence of your paragraph. The aim of the remaining sentences is to only maintain the topic sentence statement. And the concluding sentence has to lead the reader to the idea of the next paragraph.


Structure of the essay


As a rule, your essay should have a beginning (introduction), middle (body), and the end (conclusion).


In the introduction, you have to tell your reader about what you are going to say, then tell them what you need to tell in your body paragraphs, and the conclusion is to summarize what you have told your readers. The structure is not that complicated. This structure is the best for the reader to make it understandable. Even if your content is qualitative, but the structure is poor, it won’t inform your readers effectively.



Some more tips from our experts


Now you know that in order to be informative enough, your essay must have a good structure. However, here are some more tips to follow which will help you with tour essay writing.


Stay focused


Remember that your thoughts have to be logical. Do not go too deep into the history of the subject you are writing about. Yes, the background of your topic might be really informative, however, it doesn’t relate to your topic at all. Always stay focused on your topic, do not deviate from it.


Your approach has to be balanced enough if your task is to provide some general information. Objectivity is one of the main things you have to strive for. You have to be neutral, factual, and clear.


Stay informative


All the information you provide has to be understandable and accessible. So, there has to be a proper and pretty short introduction relating the topic. After that, all the information has to be conveyed in a clear and ordered way and must include only the most important facts, with no deviations.


Try to be as tight as possible.


Stick to the G.A.P.


G.A.P. means Genre, Audience, and Purpose.


  • The Genre is the informational writing you do. Explaining how something works and describing how it works are often different things. So, you should stick to the genre in which you are writing from the very beginning of your essay. Include a lot of facts to your essay instead of opinions and arguments.
  • It is difficult for students to think about the Audience. However, think whether you write for a general audience or just for one instructor. Anyone who reads your essay has to understand it well.
  • The Purpose is also a bit complicated to think of for students. Your purpose, of course, is to get a good grade. However, conveying information to a reader and informing him is your purpose as well. Think of yourself as of an information provider, and then your informative writing will be effective.


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